Gratitude phrases and messages

Gratitude phrases and messages

Having and showing gratitude is good and satisfying for ourselves, and it infects others with the positive energy of gratitude. Check out some great phrases and messages!

Gratitude is recognizing that life is a gift.

Today I just want to say: thank you my God for everything!

Let faith blossom in you, gratitude rebuild you and love lead you.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to give thanks for the difficult situations we go through, but we must always do that, because even in these moments we go through things that want to tell us something and we need to learn, so I always look for something good and I try to evolve , this is the best way to enjoy life.

We should be grateful to God for the little details.
In the details we find out the value of a reality.
Looking at the ins and outs of life makes a difference.

Every day is a gift, an opportunity to turn dreams into reality, and for this day of life I thank You, my God!

Giving thanks is the art of attracting good things.

Smile, love and live happily as a sign of gratitude for all the good that life gives you!

I’m not perfect and neither is my life, but for everything I am and have I feel deep gratitude!

Dear God, I want to take every minute, not to ask for anything from You, but simply to say thank you for all that You have done for me.

Gratitude for friendship and affection, even in the worst moments where everything seemed impossible, you never abandoned me. Every day I want to thank you for your presence in my life.

When we give thanks for a good thing that happens in our lives, many other things start to happen, because we are being grateful and knowing how to value each thing. And, of course, we shouldn’t just think about having more, but loving and being happy with what already surrounds us!

Happy people remember the past with gratitude, rejoice in the present, and face the future without fear.
Happy people remember the past with gratitude, rejoice in the present, and face the future without fear.

I will no longer ask or beg, but I will thank you for everything I receive.

Happiness lies in no longer complaining for what you didn’t get, and starting to give thanks for what you didn’t lose.

Whoever thanks is humble, values life and honors gratitude among all people.

No regrets, just learning. No worries, just acceptance. No expectations, just gratitude. Life is too short.

Dream, live and thank every day.

Be grateful for what didn’t work for two reasons: if it was meant to be, it would be, and if it had been, maybe you wouldn’t be where you came from.

I am grateful for every detail of my life, I know the importance of everything and that I have a lot around me. Of course, I have to value what I have, even if it’s not much, so that every day I have more to be thankful for, because the more you complain, the less you have.

Whoever receives a benefit with gratitude, pays the first installment of his debt.

The best thanks are not words but actions.

Gratitude is when we embrace God in prayer, giving thanks for all the blessings given by Him.

Dream, live and thank every day.
Dream, live and thank every day.

Gratitude is recognizing that life is a gift.

Gratitude is the key. Both for the good things that happened, and for the things that in the end became lessons.

We often don’t care about the details around us and think we’re better than others when we’re being silly and far below. After learning this, today I am grateful for everything I go through and even the obvious things, such as being alive.

Gratitude unlocks the abundance of life. It makes what we have enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude gives meaning to our past, brings peace to today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Thank you so much to all of you, my friends, for being by my side at all times, whatever the circumstances.

It’s easy to complain. But it’s beautiful to know how to thank.

Thanks for being so nice, buddy!
whenever i need you are
present to listen to me, support me
or lead me to the right path.
You are really special and unique,
and now that i found it i don’t want
that you leave my life never.

Of all the ingredients in life, gratitude is the sweetest.

Gratitude is the key. Both for the good things that happened, and for the things that in the end became lessons.

If you look closely at the details of your life, you will find more reason to be grateful than to complain.

Gratitude is the virtue of noble souls.
Gratitude is the virtue of noble souls.

Everything changes when you change the way you see things. Choose gratitude over complaint.

My gratitude today is for being happy! I may not have achieved all my goals and dreams yet, but just because I got here and I feel good, I’m grateful and I feel happy. Life is made of that, of the small details of the sincere gratitude that we have in us.

In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratitude is what makes us happy.

Beloved and eternal friend, I would like to thank you for the moments of great tenderness, that in the worst moments, you extended your hand, guided me, taught me that in life, there is always a better way to go, than the best victory of a human being , is when he is able to forgive and extract happiness with small and perhaps unknown gestures.
Thank you friend for being by my side in this life, opening the way for my spiritual elevation in this life, thank you for our best moments, thank you always.

Gratitude for all the times that God took care of me, soothed my heart, soothed my soul, even though I was so imperfect.

More than a customer, you are a friend, a companion we love to attend and serve. Thank you for your trust.

Peace in the soul, love in the heart, gratitude for life and faith on the way.

Gratitude costs nothing and has immense value!

You can’t imagine the size of my gratitude for the smiles that effortlessly pulls me out, in the moments when I need them most.

Every day we can evolve! And by giving thanks for the little things and even for the situations that went wrong, we show that we have gone through an evolution and that we are maturing more and more, for this and many other things, I am grateful and I always try to feel good.

The gratitude of most men is no more than a secret desire to receive greater favors.

Special thanks to you, the teacher, who are patient, caring and dedicated!

Gratitude is when you, even in the face of a whirlwind of problems, still give thanks for having health, clarity, faith and strength to solve.

Gratitude is the only treasure of the humble.

Serenity comes when we exchange expectation for acceptance.

Positive thoughts, when they are sincere, when we emanate to someone or when we put our minds to ourselves, bring us many good things! That’s why I’m always grateful for everything I go through and I think it’s the best thing for me and I hope everyone around me has that feeling too.

Politeness does not always inspire kindness, fairness, complacency, gratitude; but at least it gives them the appearance and makes the man appear on the outside as he should be on the inside.

To the teachers who are dedicated to the art of teaching, I would like to thank you full of affection!

Gratitude is the key. Both for the good things that happened, and for the things that in the end became lessons.

When you are grateful all that comes is profit.

Gratitude has always cost a great deal of appreciation.

Life teaches you that nothing is forever, and somehow you become grateful for it.

Recognize the good things in your life.

The more you give thanks, the more the universe reciprocates with good vibrations.

The best thing I do every day when I go to bed is to thank for my life, I feel at peace with myself, with God and even just because I know how to value what I have, there is no better feeling than this.

Gratitude, like milk, turns sour if the vessel containing it is not scrupulously clean.

Gratitude is a heart full of good memories.

I am grateful not only for the love, but also for the friendship, complicity and for being able to share special moments with you.

Gratitude trusts the past and love trusts the present.

Thank you for everything you do and have always done for me, thank you for never leaving me even though I didn’t deserve it.

Gratitude makes everything smoother.
Gratitude makes everything smoother.

No difficulty will eat away at a grateful soul. Whatever the situation, I strengthen my faith in life!

The gratitude of the recipient of a benefit is always less than the pleasure of the recipient.

During all your years of existence, I have given you many gifts, dear child, but none compare to this treasure you are now giving me. The child who gave birth is the grandson I always wanted. I feel very blessed to be a grandmother.
I am very grateful for this new experience that I will have, from today, the opportunity to live. I promise that I will be a help for everything you need and I just hope to become the grandmother that any grandchild dreams of having.

Gratitude turns small gestures into great memories.

Show gratitude for all the affection you receive, because those who love us don’t last forever.

Forgiveness for those who made you cry, gratitude for those who made you smile.

Forgive, apologize, live, be a child, mature, love, unlove, love again, grow old, give thanks.

The days are just like that, like roller coasters: full of ups and downs, butterflies and goose bumps. What makes them special is how we enjoy the trip.

Men are quicker to return harm than benefit, because gratitude is a burden, and revenge a pleasure.

Thank you, my God, for the opportunity you gave me to wake up to a new day. After a full night of rest, here I am willing to enjoy every second, always with my thoughts, words and actions devoted to Your glory.
I ask that during the next few hours, grant me health, protection and light to follow Your paths. And that at the end of everything I can be aware that I did everything that was right.

Gratitude, fuel of the heart.

Thank you for making me happy, for accompanying me in every step of this dance called life and for continuing to dance with myself when our melody is stolen.

Life teaches you that nothing is forever, and somehow you become grateful for that.
Life teaches you that nothing is forever, and somehow you become grateful for that.

Life has been so generous to me and I’ve been so grateful for that.

What makes a day memorable are the small moments that make it up. Gratitude for everything I lived yesterday and what I will live tomorrow!

Express gratitude in words and attitude. Your life will change a lot in a positive way.

For the person I have become and for all
teachings that made me someone
better I appreciate it.
And I will always be grateful because what I received
in addition to having no price, it has a value
giant for me.

Let gratitude blossom.

Ah, love, if you only knew how grateful I am for your company… I have no words to thank you for your presence in my life.

Always thank you for one more day and for having you.

Gratitude is when the soul says thank you.

I believe in kindness, kindness and gratitude.

I’m proud of every little achievement. The value of none of them can ever be measured, as the learning was infinite. Eternal gratitude!

Gratitude is the greatest measure of a person’s character. A grateful person is a faithful person, he does not abandon you, he is always with you. You can always trust her.

Without your strength and encouragement I would not be here celebrating my graduation. And for that I thank you from my heart!

Gratitude for the time. The pain was gone and happiness prevailed. I didn't give up, I picked myself up.
Gratitude for the time. The pain was gone and happiness prevailed. I didn’t give up, I picked myself up.

You are a wonderful and charming person. I’m overflowing with pride, joy and gratitude that you love me too. Love you forever.

I’m happy because I have a home to live in, a family to share my joys and God in my heart!

How dare I not give thanks for the shower of blessings I received on me today? May every drop of love that was poured over me be turned into immense clouds of gratitude.

There is only happiness if we do not demand anything from tomorrow and accept today, with gratitude, what it brings us. The magic hour always arrives.

Dear sister, you have been a true counselor and friend all my life. It seems I can’t even make decisions without knowing your opinion. I have been very happy to feel that you are always looking for the best for me. I want to thank you for being on my side and making your experience a voice that guides me in the best way.

Gratitude (s.f.) is sincere thanks. It’s the feeling that makes us less selfish. It’s a purple flower.

My love, you can’t imagine how grateful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. You have given me an eternity within our numbered days, and I am so grateful for that.

Give thanks, even when things aren’t right.

Gratitude is often misunderstood by human beings. Many think that they will be humiliated by saying a “thank you” that they will be being inferior or something like that. Little do they know that, in reality, those who know how to be grateful are the wisest and richest beings in the world.

Maybe we should be grateful for the time we spent together, and stop clinging to what might have been.

Mom, I only have words of affection and thanks for you. I love you with all my heart!

Gratitude fills my soul, guides my path, and lights my life.

Gratitude is a feeling of love that lifts the spirit and unites us with God.

No duty is more important than gratitude.

Be grateful from the beginning of the day until the end of the night. Be grateful for a dog’s bark, a bird’s song. Be grateful for a child’s laugh. Be grateful for the notes of a song. When we are grateful for the external things in the world, we begin to notice the things we are grateful for in our own life.

Let’s get up for the day and be grateful. Because if we don’t learn a lot, at least we learn a little, and if we don’t learn a little, at least we don’t get sick, and if we get sick, at least we don’t die. So let’s all be grateful.

All doctors have a vital role. It is not just about saving lives, caring for the sick, but also about transmitting hope, about giving all of us the confidence that we will be protected when we need it most. They devote their time to learning more and more so that they are ready to respond in situations of need, and for all this effort and dedication they deserve our deepest and deepest thanks.

After I lost the key to happiness, I found that the doors of life are opened with gratitude.

Our lives suddenly crossed, when I saw it was too late. You and I are one today and that’s why I need to say thank you for existing and appearing in my life. Love you.

Thanks for all the love and affection, I know you will always be rooting for me!

A life is only worth it when you learn the true value of gratitude. After all, it’s no use living without being grateful for life. We must recognize the value of being alive, understand the meaning of life and our mission in this world. Life is so much more than we can imagine. Be grateful for your opportunities, be grateful for your life.

If we express gratitude for what we have, we will have more to express gratitude for.

Lord, today I thank You for this victory, for without Your help and Your support I would never have achieved it!

Thank you for the conversations, for the attention, for the “infallible” advice, for the praise that only comes from those who love and, above all, for caring about me.

Always thank you for one more day and for having you.
Always thank you for one more day and for having you.

Indifference is not ingratitude. We can be grateful, indifferent and ungrateful. Gratitude purifies our soul; indifference means not being grateful or ungrateful, not altering ourselves or others; however, ingratitude is a disease, whoever practices it is certainly not worth what it can offer, ingratitude is going against a person who was supportive of us, and yet not giving value to her deeds for you.

It was thanks to all the encouragement I received during these years that today I can celebrate this milestone in my life: my graduation. Thanks to everyone!

Gratitude for the unconditional support, for always believing in me more than anyone else. I’m just grateful to know that you are always with me.

Thank you Lord for a new day!

Being grateful is related to recognizing the importance of life’s moments, the help of people who have always been by your side… Be grateful for every detail, because when we give ourselves from the heart, life rewards us twice as much! So don’t be afraid to thank friends, companions, and life for the opportunities. Everything will come back to you one day!

I have left many seeds of myself in the ground and reaped little of what has sprung from other people, because I know that with each change of season I am more what I gave than what I received, without waiting for gratitude.

In my life, I have always been a person to express what I felt with sincerity and respect. So, boss, I want you to know that, despite all the challenges that naturally arise, working with you has been very positive.
Under your leadership we have a defined and stable course, we have the incentive to do our best and, above all, we have your example of effort and professionalism.
I wish everything goes for the best, as we are a team. I will always be available to help with whatever is needed.

Gratitude draws your heart closer to God.

Gratitude: means that the energy received must be returned. Even when we do not understand God’s reasons, we need to be grateful to Him. A person faithful to His word must have faith and always look for the good things He gives us. So keep your faith intact and never forget to give thanks. When your gratitude is sincere and genuine, He will grant your requests!

Even when we don’t understand God’s reasons, we need to be grateful to Him. A person who is faithful to His word needs to have faith and always look for the good things He gives us. So he keeps his faith intact and never forgets to give thanks. When your gratitude is sincere and genuine, He will grant your requests!

Gratitude: a feeling that is halfway between a benefit received and an expected benefit.
Gratitude: a feeling that is halfway between a benefit received and an expected benefit.

Dear in-laws, I cannot let the days go by without expressing my gratitude for all that you have done for me. I really admire the kind and generous way you treat me and I want to pay you back for all that attention.
I will also be here, with the necessary readiness to help with whatever you need. I’ve always felt like being part of the family and it’s all down to you.

May my gratitude to God not be limited to good times.

Gratitude is a fruit of great culture; it is not found among ordinary people.

If you take a hungry and injured dog or cat and take care of them, they will be eternally grateful to you and will never leave you. If you do the same for human beings, they may even be grateful to you, but in that case you run the risk of one day being stabbed in the back.

You are a very special customer, because you end up confusing yourself with a friend, in fact, I believe we are really friends. Thank you for your preference and also for your sympathy. It is a privilege for our company to have clients like this.
Know that we are always available to help with anything you need. Count on our professionalism and dedication for all your needs. We are here to serve you with interest and joy.

Allowing God to continue to guide your life is the best way to show gratitude to Him.

Thank you for lending me your shoulder during my sad days.
Thank you for lending me your shoulder during my sad days.

Life has many mysterious ways of teaching us its lessons. Anyway, we need to thank you for the lessons learned at each stage. So be grateful that you’ve come this far wisely and learned more and more! Today you are a much more evolved person than you were before, so be thankful!

We should complain less and be thankful for more!
When we are grateful, Life takes care of guiding us along the best paths.

Today the day dawned more beautiful and I could feel the divine presence everywhere. The Lord came to bless my afternoon and I hope yours too.
Pray, give thanks and feel the divine presence in your life. God is everywhere and will always accompany you, if you just allow Him into your heart.
Have a blessed afternoon!

Gratitude is when we embrace God and give thanks for all the blessings given by him.

Gratitude is the best reward a man of good faith receives.

When we learn to be grateful, we evolve as human beings. We start to see the world with new eyes and everything changes. Life starts to have a new meaning and everyone starts to have a new purpose. Practice gratitude yourself too!

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