Phrases for Instagram Bio and Description

Phrases for Instagram Bio and Description

Need an impactful phrase that describes you well for your Instagram bio and description? Check out the best!

Dress up in self-love!

May we wake up already thanking you for the opportunity to live another day!

Reinvent yourself, as many times as necessary.

Happiness is a late afternoon looking at the sea. – Forfun

Never give up on what makes you happy.

The smile is the most beautiful silence there is.

Whenever a smile is born on your face, I get a reason to be happy.

For those who have faith, the sky is not the limit.

Whether light! The world is full of gray people.
Whether light! The world is full of gray people.

There are flowers in everything I see!

You look so beautiful when you dress up.

Do yourself a favor: look at yourself with love, take care of yourself with affection.

Train your mind to see the bright side of any situation.

Living is not waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain.

Learn to admire who you are becoming.

Have the courage to live life the way you want.

Admire the beauty of others without doubting your own.

You are beautiful in your own way.

It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

Be real in everything you do.

Be you, for you, for you.

Beautiful is to be real!

Light soul and grateful heart.

What you carry in there is essential.

Our best side is the inside.

I smile, I thank you and I live.
I smile, I thank you and I live.

Made of courage.

“Free is what she most wanted to be.” (James Iorc)

Go out there without looking back.

My happiness doesn’t fit inside me.

“I don’t wait waiting, I wait living. Knowing how to think should not be the last solution, but the first attitude.” – Unknown author

“Either you risk it, or conform. Middle ground won’t do.” – Swami Paatra Shankara

“It’s not about getting it right every time, it’s about learning from your mistakes.” – Unknown author

“A smart person learns from his mistakes, a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.” – Augusto Cury

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” – Oscar Wilde

“Be real in everything you do.” – Unknown author

“When the heart is full of sunshine, every season is summer.” – Unknown author

Strong women encourage and encourage the empowerment of other women!

A strong woman is the storm and calm that everyone needs to enchant their lives.
A strong woman is the storm and calm that everyone needs to enchant their lives.

Strong women turn the negative into a positive. Therefore, always believe in better times!

Complain less, thank you more.

The simplest way to smile is to be grateful for the good things you already have in your life.

Dream, live and thank every day.

Above all, be the best of me!

Whenever the sun rises, new hope arises.

Slow down and don’t run over your time to start over. – Clara vs Sofia

Sometimes I feel like I’m on the wrong track, but no one is going to change my direction.

Let the winds of life take what needs to go.

I allow the best energies to come to me.

I am the result of my attitudes, feelings and ideas.

You can do a lot with a smile, especially a better day!

Blessed be our daily smile!

We are all made of stars, so: shine!

Be the energy you want to attract.

“No woman should forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.” – Marilyn Monroe

“You can always dream, and your dreams will come true, but you have to make them come true.” – Michael Jackson

“Because I’m the size of what I see, not the size of my height.” – Fernando Pessoa

“Happiness is to love, as love is to happiness.” – Geissis Bishop

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Everything is a choice. Choice.” – Unknown author

“Only those who are whole know how to overflow.” – Zack Magiezi

Make your soul your own garden.

Who said it’s impossible to be happy alone? I live peacefully, freedom is the one who caresses me.

Live, get involved, surrender, be enchanted!

The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and take the risk of living their dreams. – Paulo Coelho

Don’t stop until you’re proud of yourself.

To risk is to be happy in the attempt.

“You can distance yourself from whoever is running after you, but not from what is running inside you.” (Rwandan proverb)

“When there is no enemy on the inside, the enemy on the outside cannot hurt you.” (African proverb)

Every woman is strong, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

It is in the fighting spirit and the strength of her instinct that the true power of a woman resides.

Each woman has her own charm, beauty and delicacy. However, they all have a strength that can move mountains!

Behind every strong, independent woman is a girl who had to learn to bounce back and never depend on anyone.

Behind every successful woman is herself.

Don’t compromise. You are all you have. There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, it’s all the same day. (Janis Joplin)

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. (Irina Dunn)

Women are the true architects of society. (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Be free to be who you are.

Be you, for you, for you.

Let your dreams lead your way.

Remorse is the only pain of the soul that neither reflection nor time can alleviate.

Make every moment of your life count!

You have to have faith for things to change.

Believe it! Your time will come.

One small positive change can change your entire day – or your entire life.

Everything in life has the power and importance that we give it.

I don’t know if I become a girl, if I become a woman or if I become all of them.

When we complete ourselves alone, it’s easier to overflow!

My smile reverberates freedom!

Don't change for others. Change just for you!
Don’t change for others. Change just for you!

“Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and the gods.” – Socrates

Better to love than to be bitter!

Light soul and grateful heart.

Each stage of life will demand a stronger version of you.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Never put the key to your life in someone else’s pocket.

Being happy is not having a perfect life, but recognizing that it is worth living despite all the challenges and losses.

It is the reflections we make about our choices that dictate how we proceed in life.

Be your biggest commitment. Don’t be late, don’t leave yourself for later. You are now.

“Dreaming about the impossible is the first step to making it possible.” (Confucius)

When we stretch the smile a little more, the problems shrink.

Enjoy every minute, because time doesn’t come back.

There are no gray days for those who dream in color.

Wake up, but keep dreaming!

I wish for your day all the love that is in your walk.

When the heart is sunny, every season is summer.

I am unconditionally accepting myself, no matter what.

Be like the sun: rise, shine and light up the world.

Smiling frees the soul and brings lightness to the heart!
Smiling frees the soul and brings lightness to the heart!

In life you always have the opportunity to transform the world into a more beautiful and joyful place!

God knows who puts it in your life, just as He knows who takes it away.

For those who believe and persist, a dream never dies, it can only be postponed.

Have the courage to live life the way you want.

Even with fear, never stop chasing what you believe in.

Invest in yourself and love yourself! We can only demand from others what we already have.

Don’t let the fear of falling stop you from flying.

Be the reason for your happiness.

Nothing is as ours as our dreams.

Happiness is not something that is already done. It comes from your actions. – Dalai Lama.

Do not be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.

“A life is not enough to be lived, it needs to be dreamed of.” (Mario Quintana)

For the good days: smiles. For the bad days: patience. For every day: faith.

Life is too short to waste time on what you don’t like.

Just because a chapter was bad doesn't mean you should give up on the entire story.
Just because a chapter was bad doesn’t mean you should give up on the entire story.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie yourself to a goal, not to people, not to things.” (Albert Einstein)

Your time is limited. So don’t waste time living someone else’s life.

“I move as an educator, because, first, I move as a person.”

“Teaching is not transferring knowledge, but creating the possibilities for its own production or construction”

Life is too short to shine only at Carnival.

Smiling doesn’t waste electricity and generates much more light!

Love makes you more beautiful than any Instagram filter.

You’re good enough, you just have to believe it to start realizing it.

If you can’t do everything, do everything you can.

Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it.

Never apologize for being a powerful woman.

Sometimes you have to be the beauty and the beast. (Nick Minaj)

Don’t be a lady. Be a legend.




I see truth in wine and children. – Plato.

Life without music would be a mistake. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you from fighting.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

“Deceive less, surprise more.” – Unknown author

I didn’t come into the world for a ride. I came to leave my mark.

“Changing and improving are two different things.” (German proverb)

“Fear casts big shadows on small things.” (Swedish Proverb)

I want away from me everything that prevents me from smiling!

Freedom is living the dream of your own wing.

She is not a flower to be smelled, she is a garden to be appreciated.

Do yourself a favor, look at yourself with love.

Saudade: presence of the absent. – Olavo Bilac.

Let’s be happy without haste. Who runs, stumbles.

Knowing yourself is the greatest knowing.

Don’t be an option, be a priority.

May the wind take what is necessary and bring enough.

What I sought and did not find, I became.

Life is a dance, you follow or dance.

“I live with no time for regrets.” – Unknown author

“Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” – Neale Donald Walsch

“It is necessary to salt the feet in order to sweeten the soul.” – Unknown author

“And flowers remind us why rain is so necessary.” – Unknown author

Wherever bloom, bloom.

Today is the right day to love, believe, do and, above all, live!

For a day without colors, smiles and flowers!

Tomorrow morning wake up being grateful for life again!

May today be a new beginning for you!

If you can dream it, you can do it

Beauty attracts attention, personality attracts heart.

People who are not happy with themselves can never be happy with you.

Don’t be ashamed of the mistakes you’ve already made: learn from them.

There’s no point in having a pretty face and a toned body if the inside isn’t the same.

Gratitude brings joy to life.

Peace in the soul, love in the heart, gratitude for life and faith in the walk.

“What we focus on on the outside is a reflection of what we feel on the inside.” – Unknown author.

“Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.” – Buddha.

“To achieve happiness, I defend four fundamental principles: the principles of love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress.” – Ryuho Okawa.

I am like this: free, light and carrying the best thoughts.

Everything gets better when you decide not to care anymore.

Be the reason for your happiness.

Nothing is as ours as our dreams.

Happiness is not something that is already done. It comes from your actions. – Dalai Lama.

No obstacle is so big if your will to win isn’t bigger.

Being prepared is important, knowing how to wait is even more important, but taking advantage of the right moment is the key to life. – Arthur Schnitzler

In the end, we only regret the opportunities we didn’t take advantage of.

Give more value to those who really care about you. That way you’ll have more reasons to be happy!

Don’t wait for the future to be happy, make the present your joy.

Dance, smile and let it roll. Feel the sound. Move your body. To float. Let the heart guide. Dance the dance of life. Be your own pair.

Forget the worst moments of your life and make the best unforgettable.
Forget the worst moments of your life and make the best unforgettable.

“Tomorrow will be a new day, a new beginning… A new beginning.” – Mayelle Meerburg

Don’t hold on to those who don’t hold you.

Let’s be happy without haste. Who runs, stumbles.

You don’t have to hunt a lot to find joy, it is sometimes hidden in everyday things.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

Live the story you want to tell.

I love everything that is real and comes from the heart.

The best fall in life is to come to your senses.

“While they take care of my life, I take care of my heart.” – Andreza Filizzola

“Old paths do not open new doors.” – Unknown author

“Choosing your time is buying time.” – Francis Bacon

“Believe in yourself, but don’t always doubt others.” – Machado de Assis

“He walked away because he wanted to miss him, but he exaggerated the dose in his absence and was no longer missed.” – Kitty’s Diary

” If some people walk away from you, don’t be sad, this is the answer to prayer: “deliver me from all evil, amen”. – Caio Fernando Abreu

“Today is undoubtedly a difficult day for my enemies” – Author unknown

“A big part of happiness can be in the little things.” – Unknown author

“Happiness is in the little things and hidden in the simplest smiles” – Nayara Oliveira

“Life is like physical exercise: if it’s easy, it’s because you’re doing it wrong!” – Unknown author

“Travel, even if it’s in mayonnaise.” – Unknown author

“You can only achieve great success when you stay true to yourself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
“You can only achieve great success when you stay true to yourself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Usually those who know little talk a lot and those who know a lot talk little.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” – Oscar Wilde

Oh sun, see if you don’t forget and light me up. – Victor Kley

You don’t have to hunt a lot to find joy, it is sometimes hidden in everyday things. – Kamau

I know my value and the quotation is in dollars. – Iza

He has the strange mania of having faith in life. – Milton Nascimento

Everyone has their unique way of being happy, of living and seeing! – Lenin

Your blue all star matches my black high top. – Cassia Eller

“The first time you deceive me, it will be your fault; the second time, it will be my fault.” (Arabic proverb)

“Fall seven times; get up eight.” (Japanese proverb)

“It is never so easy to get lost as when you think you know the way.” (Chinese proverb)

Good energies, today and always!
Good energies, today and always!

Be love, be light, be you!

He loves me, he loves me.

Don’t look back, not where you’re going.

Your will has a lot of power.

Have the courage to live life!

Good times are not just recorded in memory.

If love is the answer, what’s the question?

“Whenever the sun rises, new hope arises.” – Unknown author

“The only person responsible for your peace is yourself.” – Unknown author

“Whoever does good, conquers inner peace.” – Unknown author

“It’s your flaws that make you a unique person.” – Beauty and the Beast

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“If the eyes could speak, they would say every day, that your glow has not died yet.” – Rafael Valladao Rocha

To improve the quality of your life, improve the quality of your thoughts

Making mistakes, overcoming, learning and starting over: this is how we should live life.

Before running, learn to walk. Everything in life has its time and place.

Life only gives wings to those who are not afraid to fall.

No one is responsible for the expectations you create.

“Get up, shake the dust, turn around.” (Beth Carvalho)

Put a smile on your face for this new day.

What’s for today? Smile and say thank you!

What doesn’t do me good, I don’t need.

Transform the world from you.

Denying the standards and being happier every day!

Beautiful is to be what you are!

Accept being simple. Less is more!

Hope is realizing that, no matter how bad that day, there will be another totally unexpected.

Sometimes small steps take you further than big ones.

Just be yourself, there is no one better.

Resilience is having strength within yourself to always start over.

Happiness comes from the inside out.

Between comings and goings, I decided to live in my self-love.

Live simple, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh a lot.

Deliver, trust, accept and thank.

Decorate your soul with sincere smiles.

There is a void that can only be filled with a little more of itself.

May the goal be happiness and not perfection.

Don’t stop until you’re proud of yourself.

To risk is to be happy in the attempt.

The smile is the most beautiful silence there is.

Always striving to smile more and more.

Allow yourself to be happy.

You will laugh without realizing it. Happiness is just a matter of being. – Marcelo Jeneci

And may new smiles, new stories and new people come.

May we know how to bloom where life plants us.

Happiness is where the heart finds rest.

Look for happiness, not the opinion of others.

Our life is made for learning. – Natiruts

Take care of those who love you and take care of yourself. – Anita

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