Phrases for Tattoo (Messages)

Phrases for Tattoo

Are you wanting to get a phrase tattoo but haven’t chosen the ideal one yet? Check out the best:

Beautiful is to be what you are!

Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored.

Your worth does not diminish based on someone else’s inability to see your worth.

Love makes you more beautiful than any Instagram filter.

You’re good enough, you just have to believe it to start realizing it.

Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it.

Good energies, today and always!

Be love, be light, be you!
Be love, be light, be you!

He loves me, he loves me.

What doesn’t do me good, I don’t need.

Transform the world from you.

Denying the standards and being happier every day!

A happy smile means a happy day.

I couldn’t hold back the joy of seeing you and smile in the most beautiful way possible.

Today I will choose to smile because only happiness suits me.

Peace begins with a smile.

When the heart is sunny, every season is summer.

Dress up in self-love!

“When the heart is sunny, every season is summer.”

Laughter is the most radiant, universal and perennial thing in life.

Fill your life with joy, it’s too short for agonies.

When energy is good, the universe does not fail.
When energy is good, the universe does not fail.

I am like this: free, light and carrying the best thoughts.

Everything gets better when you decide not to care anymore.

Be the reason for your happiness.

Nothing is as ours as our dreams.

Happiness is not something that is already done. It comes from your actions.

No obstacle is so big if your will to win isn’t bigger.

“Take the risk or miss the chance.”

Saudade: presence of the absent.

I see truth in wine and children.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

Never be sure of anything, because wisdom begins with doubt.

Life without music would be a mistake.

May we wake up already thanking you for the opportunity to live another day!

Reinvent yourself, as many times as necessary.

Be like the sun: rise, shine and light up the world.
Be like the sun: rise, shine and light up the world.

“While they take care of my life, I take care of my heart.” – Andreza Filizzola

“Old paths do not open new doors.” – Unknown author

“Choosing your time is buying time.” – Francis Bacon

“Believe in yourself, but don’t always doubt others.” – Machado de Assis

Smiling frees the soul and brings lightness to the heart!

I want away from me everything that prevents me from smiling!

My happiness doesn’t fit inside me.

“Try to move the world – the first step will be to move yourself.”

“The ignorant affirm, the wise doubt, the sensible reflect”.

“Doubt is the beginning of wisdom.”

She is not a flower to be smelled, she is a garden to be appreciated.

Do yourself a favor, look at yourself with love.

“I live with no time for regrets.”

“Life begins where your comfort zone ends.”

“It is necessary to salt the feet in order to sweeten the soul.”

“And flowers remind us why rain is so necessary.”

Don’t stop believing in yourself, girl… You’ll go far!

The smile is the most beautiful silence there is.

Always striving to smile more and more.

Allow yourself to be happy.

You will laugh without realizing it. Happiness is just a matter of being. – Marcelo Jeneci

And may new smiles, new stories and new people come.

May we know how to bloom where life plants us.

Happiness is where the heart finds rest.

Look for happiness, not the opinion of others.

Happiness is a late afternoon looking at the sea. – Forfun

The smile is the most beautiful silence there is.
The smile is the most beautiful silence there is.

Serenity comes when we exchange expectation for acceptance.

Dream, live and thank every day.

Wisdom is doing everything that most people don’t do. – Bukowski.

The soul is that thing that asks us if the soul exists. – Mario Quintana.

This is your morning reminder that you are awesome and can handle anything.

All ambition requires renunciation. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Each is as unhappy as he believes himself to be. – Seneca.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

Live the story you want to tell.

God knows who puts it in your life, just as He knows who takes it away.

For those who believe and persist, a dream never dies, it can only be postponed.

Have the courage to live life the way you want.

Even with fear, never stop chasing what you believe in.
Even with fear, never stop chasing what you believe in.

Invest in yourself and love yourself! We can only demand from others what we already have.

Don’t let the fear of falling stop you from flying.

The best fall in life is to come to your senses.

May I know how to be light when everything around me is darkness.

Compare less. Reflect more.

Gratitude is recognizing that life is a gift.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela.

The word is my dominion over the world. – Clarice Lispector.

Simplicity is the ultimate level of sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci.

A place where everyone is right, better not to be right. – Paul Leminski.

God is in the coincidences. – Nelson Rodrigues.

The greatest enemy of creativity is common sense. – Pablo Picasso.

Life is too important to be taken seriously. – Oscar Wilde.

A small positive thought can change your entire day.

Life reflects what you feel. Feel gratitude!

Make my soul my own garden…

“Everything is a choice. Choice."
“Everything is a choice. Choice.”

Your smile is missing in my eyes. – Exaltasamba

I just want the light of life. – Ana Vitoria

Smiling I intend to take life. – Topper

Try thinking a little about us. – Black city

Don’t hold on to those who don’t hold you.

Let’s be happy without haste. Who runs, stumbles.

Accept being simple. Less is more!

Hope is realizing that, no matter how bad that day, there will be another totally unexpected.

One small positive change can change your entire day – or your entire life.

Everything in life has the power and importance that we give it.

I don’t know if I become a girl, if I become a woman or if I become all of them.

When we complete ourselves alone, it’s easier to overflow!

My smile reverberates freedom!

Be love, let yourself be loved and love yourself first.
Be love, let yourself be loved and love yourself first.

Free is what she most wanted to be. – Tiago Iorc

Today I know how to be, what the earth came to teach me. – Natiruts

Be free to be who you are.

Be you, for you, for you.

I never walk alone, we follow together and always strengthened!

Real friendships are those that go beyond the good times…

Every smile is equally beautiful if it’s true.

You are free, choose. In other words, invent. Jean-Paul Sartre.

Fate shuffles the cards, and we play. – Arthur Schopenhauer.

All victories hide an abdication. — Simone de Beauvoir.

When sailing aimlessly, no wind is favourable. – Seneca.

The greatest wealth is being happy with little. – Plato.

Whenever you manage to make someone smile, your life will gain new meaning.
Whenever you manage to make someone smile, your life will gain new meaning.

Seeing a smile on the faces of the people I love is the greatest blessing I can have.

I just want the peace of laughter without reason.

Smiling is always with you!

You are the good things that appeared in my life!

Love is what makes you happiest. – Maneva

To get up, you have to be light. – Ludmilla

Nothing shines brighter than the vibe of your soul. – Forfun

I am love from head to toe. – New baianos

Courage to dream.

In a world of pain, offer love.

Free me from everything that makes me laugh.

There are so many blessings received that I dare not complain about anything.

Not too much, not too little. Just enough to be happy.

Happiness, sometimes, is just observing, contemplating and giving thanks.

To live is to eternally seek your best version.

What I sought and did not find, I became.
What I sought and did not find, I became.

Life is a dance, you follow or dance.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on the wrong track, but no one is going to change my direction.

Let the winds of life take what needs to go.

I allow the best energies to come to me.

I am the result of my attitudes, feelings and ideas.

You look so beautiful when you dress up.

Do yourself a favor: look at yourself with love, take care of yourself with affection.

Train your mind to see the bright side of any situation.

Living is not waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain.

Better to love than to be bitter!

Light soul and grateful heart.

Each stage of life will demand a stronger version of you.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Never put the key to your life in someone else’s pocket.

Knowing yourself is the greatest knowing.

Don’t be an option, be a priority.

May the wind take what is necessary and bring enough.

Learn to admire who you are becoming.

Have the courage to live life the way you want.

Admire the beauty of others without doubting your own.

You are beautiful in your own way.

It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

Be real in everything you do.

Appreciate the little joys.

The smile is the most beautiful silence there is.

He used to smile! Happiness looks beautiful on you.

When we stretch the smile a little more, the problems shrink.

Smiling for nothing, just vibrating love and peace. – Natiruts

“Only those who are whole know how to overflow.” – Zack Magiezi

Make your soul your own garden.

At peace with everything that comes and everything that goes.

Peace in the soul, love in the heart, gratitude for life and faith in the walk.

Make every moment of your life count!

It’s the way you look at the world that shapes the world you look at!

Blessed be our daily smile.

You have to have faith for things to change.

Good times are not just recorded in memory.

If love is the answer, what’s the question?

Gratitude costs nothing and has immense value!

You are the exception to the rule, the crystal that doesn’t break!

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